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In order to guarantee the best solutions for our clients our team includes researchers, consultants, policy analysts, and technical writers spanning the fields of housing, health community development and planning, education, finance, banking, transportation, and nonprofit program development. Our unique team and skill set allows us to be of assistance from the research phase, through action and strategic planning, to final reporting.

                                                                            Shuna Mason, Ph.D, MSS, MLSP
                                                                                      Principal & Consultant

Shuna is a senior level public policy and research analyst with extensive experience in fair and affordable
 housing, community economic development, social science and legal research, academia, and non-profit
 management. Her specializations include the
impact of socioeconomic factors on labor
 development, economic mobility, and housing, health, and educational disparities. Her background includes housing, health, and community needs assessments, fair housing studies, community revitalization plans, public opinion surveys, technical assistance to federal grantees, project management for federal grants, and legislative consultation on health, education, housing, and economic development. Shuna’s research experience includes the impact of housing and federal funding on business and community development, the impact of capital access on small business and workforce development, and ethnographic research on land use policies. She has presented research findings at national and international conferences.

                                                                                     Michelle Sherrill, MSW

                                                                                         Mecca Luster, BA

                                                                                      Angela Johnson, MPA