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Chrysalis Research & Consulting, LLC assists state, county, and municipal governments, nonprofit, and private sector organizations with research and consulting needs including...

* Strategic planning
* Program administration
* Policy analysis
* Community planning & development
* Economic development
* Workforce development
* Community needs assessment

We provide clear solutions supported by rigorous research and expert program and policy analysis regarding best practices, program needs, performance goals, service delivery, and outcomes using qualitative and quantitative research strategies and data analysis. We provide effective and efficient solutions to assist public and private entities in better serving stakeholders and communities. Our consultants supply answers to aid clients in designing/restructuring programs, services, systems increasing program revenue, increasing program effectiveness, reducing costs; and improving regulatory compliance with state and federal regulations.  

We assist public and private sector clients in the following areas: 

* Maximizing resources  
* Maintaining or reducing expenditures
* Optimizing program and service delivery models and outcomes
* Streamlining processes and procedures
* Enhancing compliance with federal, state, and private     regulations